Hey Adam,

You pretty much got it right.   WDSC is basically RAD or RWD with iSeries
plugins (like RSE, Remote Systems Lpex Editor, WebFacing, iSeries projects,
etc), and a couple of extra CDs for CODE & VARPG.
I don't know when a RWD or RAD fix is available until I see it in my RPU as
I _try_  to post as soon as I can when RSE posts a fix - because I'm the
one who usually approves it :-)


Violaine Batthish
WebSphere Development Studio Client, IBM Toronto Lab

wdsci-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 09/15/2006 11:45:08 AM:

Hi Mike -

I checked this out on my Rational Product Updater ... it seems the iFix
related to Rational Web Developer (RWD), which I think is technically a
different product than WDSC, although WDSC includes RWD.  All of this
Rational vs. WDSC vs. RSE business is very confusing to me, so I hope
be corrected if the previous statement is incorrect.

As far as WDSC functionality is concerned - I believe this includes
Systems Explorer, the LPEX editor, iSeries documentation, and perhaps
other tools as well.  From what I could see, the RWD iFix 3 doesn't
this functionality, which is probably why there was no announcement on
this list.

Another possibility is that the iFix is available for WDSC, but not WSAD
(which, IIRC, is one step up from WDSC, including advanced J2EE tools).
think last time the IBMers waited to post until iFixes were available for

all 'levels' of WDSC, so as not to be flooded with 'I can't see the iFix'

messages (... I'm not the only one who can't keep all the products
straight :D ).

Hope this helps (and isn't completely wrong ;P),

wdsci-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 15/09/2006 11:21:03 AM:

Interm 003 fix is out. Did I miss an announcement?

Mike Wills
http://mikewills.name - Blog
http://theriverbendpodcast.com - Podcast

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