You know another way I've *tinkered* around with this is from the 
tools-servers-properties - there is a library list there - at times I 
think I've gone in there and added my REFFLD library.

Jeff Stevens
Mize, Houser & Co. P.A.
913 451 1882

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Re: [WDSCI-L] CODE Designer and Library Lists


Thanks for your response and I agree, it would be best to get it all into 

However, I was working with someone else just yesterday and we tried the 
F9 Shell method.  Even after setting the library list in the shell, we 
still received the same errors and the fields displayed with only the 
first character showing in a box, just as you describe.

I believe I got that workaround from Don Yantzi or another member of the 
IBM team.  It worked okay until just recently.  Although it's always been 
somewhat of a pain opening the member and closing the member and then 
opening the member again -- especially on a larger or more involved device 


Now when I do a DSPLIBL OUTPUT(*PRINT), the QPRTLIBL spool file shows the 
updated library list, but the fields in the REF file still cannot be 

And here's another oddity which seems to have appeared recently.  If I 
recall correctly, I used to get the server name (for CODE, not the 
hardware) enclosed <> as my command prompt.  Now the command prompt 
encloses the system name --- but my memory could be inaccurate on this. 
Maybe that indicates the problem I'm having now.  Is the shell opening for 

the wrong server?  It would be nice if someone from IBM can clarify this.

Michael Quigley
AS/400 Programming Section
The Way International

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I have much the same issue with CODE Designer, although we don't get a 
message of some source dropped due to errors, but our fields that are in 

REF files, are shown with just the first byte and a box around it.  One 
way that I get around it is this...

From RSE - Right click on DSPF source member
Open with CODE Designer
Do an F9 (Shell)
Close the CODE Designer window that has the DSPF open, and re-open it.
Then it finds the REFFLD file in the *LIBL

Sure wish there was a better way.  Actually - I hope that the WDSC team 
will get us to be able to design DSPF's in the WDSC Page Designer - that 

would be the best, then we can just drop CODE altogether.

Hope that helps.

Jeff Stevens
Mize, Houser & Co. P.A.
913 451 1882

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