...or at least a line telling you that the text you that the text you are
viewing is incomplete and that more info is available.

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 However if you need the full detail from the 
DDS reference, the best bet is to open the reference.  This can be done 
from the menu bar by selecting Source, then DDS Help, then Reference. 
will open the DDS Reference manual.  From the page displayed, you can 
select "DDS keyword entries for display files (positions 45 through 
If you click on the CHECK keyword there, you will receive the full help 

Thanks Michael.  I didn't know about the Source-> (Language) Help - this 
is better than Help->Contents, then open my bookmark for the DDS/RPG/etc. 

One suggestion for the WDSC help team:  When opening a language reference, 
it would be nice to have links to each of the main table of contents items 
in the tree view on the left pane, as it used to be back in version 5 (at 
least for ILE RPG).

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