Version 6.0.1

I wish mine said that!

I probably have to apply some updates.  Unfortunately I actually have some
work to get done so I don't have that kind of time to spare!  Even so: This
kind of info should not have been left out of the help text.

Rick Weber  |  TOYS 'Я' US International 

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What version are you on, Richard?  Mine says this:

Mandatory enter 
This code specifies that at least 1 character of data (a blank is valid)
must be typed into the field. Note that when no field currently on the
display has been changed, the display station does not enforce mandatory
enter. To enforce mandatory enter, specify DSPATR(MDT) for at least one
field in each record on the display. For all other fields in the record,
CHECK(ME) is then enforced. However, because the device cannot determine if
the user has typed data to a field with both DSPATR(MDT) and CHECK(ME), you
should also specify DSPATR(ND) so that this field is not displayed. 

Option indicators are valid for this keyword.


From: Weber, Richard

I just went through a few hours of unnecessary time wasting, thanks to
insufficient source help for DDS.

Apparently someone in the "WDSC Source Help Dept." decide that those other
12 pages weren't necessary!  Gee, thanks!

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