I was going to make the same point, Mark, except that there are reasons
to use the scripting languages, one of which is the large number of
available libraries.  Ask Hans about Python and the available libraries
there, including a ton of built-in support for XML.

The problem, of course, is that you can run into the TMT (Too Many
Tools) syndrome; unless you standardize your ENTIRE application on PHP,
that means you may have parts in JSP and parts in PHP.  That means
anyone who wants to maintain the system needs to know both.


> From: Mark Phippard
> I think Colin's point is that if you plan on using the Java toolbox to
> access the iSeries, and you want to run the application in WAS
> then using PHP over JSP is a suspect choice at best.  If you are going
> make the investment in WebSphere and Java then you might as well just
> JSP.

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