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Vern Hamberg wrote:
On the move, I get a message something like can't move into the same block.

Yes, the CODE editor cannot handle that, RSE's LPEX can.

OK, if I report this as a PMR, will it get fixed, or is CODE locked down? I consider it a bug, not a feature. ;-)

BTW, another behavior that has always been a little irritating - let's say that I have selected a few lines by dragging down while the cursor is at the start of the lines. If I click on the line immediately below the selection, and at the beginning of the line, before the first character but not in the sequence number area, it does not deselect - I need to click somewhere else.

If the last line of the block is selected in its entirety, then most probably the cursor blinking at the start of the line that follows is actually the end point of the stream selection (you may verify this by entering, on the LPEX command line: block.bottomElement)... Now clicking on that particular point (or even inside the SEU prefix area of that line) won't clear the selection.

Kind of what I thought. Now I tried something - I clicked within the selection and it cleared it - only when clicking at this location (at the cursor when cursor is at end of selection) does it NOT clear the selection. Same applies if the selection ends within a line.

Seems odd to have this very specific exception. There are many times I've needed this not to be how it works, usually when I've selected something, then want to deselect right away, without having to move the mouse or go to the keyboard.

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