Vern Hamberg wrote:
As an example, when I drag to select something, I normally expect that clicking somewhere will unselect. But for some reason, sometimes it does not. I have to use Alt-U to clear the selection.

Dragging, by default, marks a stream selection - a subsequent cursor move or mouse click should indeed clear it. I can think of two scenarios where the selection will not be stream (i.e., where the cursor is not coupled to it and, therefore, you need Alt+U to deselect):
1.- the default selection is set to e.g., character in Window > Preferences > LPEX Editor > Block.
2.- the anchor of the selection had been already set (e.g., Alt+B - for a character selection), so subsequent mouse dragging will just extend it.

The selection type in effect can be queried from the LPEX command line:

Another case -- I'm not always to move a rectangle to the right or the left in the same set of lines - end up having to copy, then delete.

The move involves a copy and then a delete so, if it is done on the same lines, the result, though correct, may occasionally seem odd at first. If you have a specific scenario where things misbehave, please let me know.

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