This has actually changed in a later service fix of 5.1 ( It was suggested in this newsgroup (see short-lived thread "find in multiple members"):

  Sean Porterfield wrote:
  Is there any way to "find" different strings in different members?
  Every time I switch from on to another, my find gets replaced with
  whatever I was finding in the other member.
  In SEU I can edit one member, press F15 to browse another.  Find
  different strings (in different positions) and then copy/paste
  between members.

The view-scoped settings do make a lot of sense, given that each edit view has its own live-find dialog (showing or not), each with its find / replace settings.

Your proposal for a preference option in this matter sounds reasonable - allow one to choose the scope of the find and replace strings (global / document / view). I'll see what can be done.

Scott Johnson wrote:
Prior to v5.1.2, I was able to double click on a field name in a source member then do right click/Selected/Find Selection. I would then switch to a different source member I had open and do a crtl+n(now shift+f4) and it would look for it in that source member.

Now under 5.1.2, it does not work when I switch to the other source member. It will do the find based on a previous search in that source member. It will not do it based on the find I just did in the other source member.

I am hoping that I just have to set a preference someplace. I have not come across it yet though.

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