My experience with restarting the installer after brute force
termination has been good.  It seems to respect you more.  <g>  I've
seen numerous installs over the last couple of years over several
versions that gave every appearance of working that didn't seem to be
doing anything.  I. e. Task Manager shows app working, but more than an
hour passes with no tangible results.  I've never seen a successful
install take more than 45 minutes.  Obviously that depends on your
hardware.  Every time I've shut down the install, rebooted, and tried
again, it worked.  I expect there'll be a time that it doesn't.  I've,
so far, escaped manual registry cleaning and some other unpleasant

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Well, here is what I think went wrong.  

Yes, I have the wdsc up when I was trying to install this new version of
wdsc.  However, the installer did ask me and close it down before
letting me continue.  After waiting for 5 hours and the screen seems to
be not doing anything, I realize that the installer did not shut down
the Communication Daemon (not sure if that is the cause of the problem).
I shut it down and rerun the installer and it seems to be moving pretty
good now.


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