It took me less than an hour to load WDSc v5.1 on my 2.4Ghz Dell (768MB RAM).

I think you went wrong by clicking OK/Next.  When I installed, when it told me
to uninstall the previous version, I exited the WDSc installation program and
did a START -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, then unstalled
the previous version.

After the previous version was uninstalled, I rebooted my machine, then
reinserted the CD to install the new version.  I had no problems, and after 4
CDs, was finished in less than an hour.


> date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:49:51 -0500
> from: "Lim Hock-Chai" <Lim.Hock-Chai@xxxxxxxx>
> subject: [WDSCI-L] how long does it takes to install wdsc v5.1.2
> I started to install V5.1.2 since 10:00 this morning.  The first message I
> got is that it need to uninstall the old version.  I clicked on okay/next. 
> It is now close to 1:00pm, it seems like it is still trying to uninstall the
> old version.  Anybody have any idea as how long should it takes?

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