> From: Mark Phippard
> I do not think anyone has said it cannot be done.  It is just a
> issue.

Actually, yes, YOU said it couldn't be done:

Mark: "You cannot change the icon for a perspective."

... and so did everybody I talked to.  Not "we don't want to do it" but
"it can't be done".  Maybe we're just being sloppy in language.  That's
one of the nastier side effects of Open Source - a lack of
responsibility leading to the blurring between "can't" and "don't want

> Also, this is an open source project, there are no managers or
> anyone else's ass to kick.

Open Source does not necessarily mean anarchic.  If someone really wants
to complain, there are people to complain to, believe me.  There is a
whole LOT of money going into Eclipse, and there are people in charge of
the development.  This is not Bill and Ted's Excellent Sourceforge

> The issue is that there is no plugin.xml for perspectives you create
> yourself.  Your perspective is just stored in the pref_store.ini file
> within your workspace .metadata folder and it just points to the
> perspective id you started with for the icon.  They need to enhance
> to also store a path to an icon, and then of course also create UI for
> of this to let you define it.  It is doable, but enough work that most
> people are not going to want to bother.

Did I ask for a UI?  Just write the XML file and let me at it.  Reusing
the same icon is one of those little things that makes it clear that
some of the Eclipse developers don't actually think about this stuff.

As to "most people won't bother", it seems that most people I've talked
to that create their own perspective would like this feature.  Maybe I'm
wrong, I don't know.  I just wish I had the time to work on the damned
thing; I'd fix some of this stuff myself.


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