Can the web interaction wizard auto-generate a JSP that displays a data 
structure array (retrieved from an RPG program call) as an HTML table?  In 
my testing thus far, it appears to only output the first entry in the data 
structure array as if it was a scalar variable - the rest of the data in 
the DS array is not displayed.

With the recent update to, I saw this fix:

1.APAR - SE14472: The program call wizard generates incorrect code to
access the length of an array of structures.

I thought this might the problem, and while the code now doesn't cause 
errors after being auto-generated from the wizard, the additional data in 
the DS array is still not displayed.

Is there a setting I'm missing, or is there a plan to add this 
functionality to the wizard?  I've done a bit of a workaround by grabbing 
the page scoped bean with java code directly on the result page JSP and 
then using the struts logic tag library to iterate through the data 
structure to build my own table, but I was hoping for a more elegant way 
(ok, I wanted the wizard to do my work for me!).


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