I just had WDSC 5.1 installed on my PC and have been trying to test it out 
- RSE and Code is what my company is focusing on toolwise.  We are going 
to start rolling it out to about 50 other developers so I need to make 
sure the product is stable and working correctly.   I am confused as to 
what local fixes I need to install and how to get and apply them 
correctly.  I read a previous posting that talked about WDSC 5.1fixes but 
I cannot access the software updates from the IBM website.  From RSE, I've 
done the Help - Software Updates - New Updates but it keeps saying it has 
a network connection problem.  I've also tried the search for updates from 
the Install/Update perspective - gets same network connection error.  I've 
seen some reference to the fact that connection problems like mine may be 
related to the preferences I have set up.  When I look under 
Install/Update at Window - Preferences, just what am I supposed to change 
about the preferences to get this connection to work???  Also, the 
operations group here already had applied 2 PTFs on the host AS/400 
(SI09609 and SI08594) but I'd be curious if anyone has a definitive list 
of which host PTF numbers are needed for WDSC 5.1?

Any help anyone can offer would me very much appreciated!  I'm new to WDSC 
so it's already been a frustrating learning experience!

Thanks alot,
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