This is a thick-client - just a test app.

But I think I've figured it out. In our environment, the 'My Documents'
folders always point to a folder on the network, and then are synced
with offline files. I had this project stored there.

I created a local directory and moved my project there and now all three
connections work. Was definitely some sort of permission issue on the

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First, get off Vista! J I actually like Vista as an end-user, but as a
programmer there are too many things we do, not the least of which is
accessing the registry and "c:\program files" that vista doesn't like us
doing. Or to be more accurate, User Access Control doesn't like us doing

At any rate, a "first chance exception" is from the debugger. Somewhere
in System.Data something is throwing an exception. Since you're running
under the debugger you're getting a "first chance" to mess with the
exception before is goes through the normal exception handing code. What
happens if you continue to run? It's possible that the exception is
"normal" and will be handled, or at worst, you should at least get some
more information in the exception message and stack trace. The
SecurityException sounds like you're trying to do something that your
process doesn't have the required security setting to do. .NET has its
own security model on top of the windows model.

What kind of app is this? ASP.Net? Thick-client (winforms),
command-line, etc.


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