As an additional follow up.

I was able to compile the program and was just about to fire off a debug session when the Controller came in an asked about a report that wasn't running each night. I told him that I was trying to run it down and it appeared that it was a calculation that resulted in a value too large for the report field to hold. The "light bulb" went off in his head and he came back with a printout of warehouse item that was $18 billion. (a little too big...)

So, it was a data item (as I suspected) and I am pretty sure, now that I have compiled the source and looked at the numbering, I know where the error can occur.

Pete Helgren
Value Added Software, Inc

On 9/29/2010 11:35 AM, Pete Helgren wrote:
Ok. Great suggestions all. First I am reluctant to run the program
because I do not know enough about what it will impact since I am not
familiar with the program and function. Yes, I could run it in debugt
but since I am a consultant I'd hate to make this my last day by running
something that causes downstream problems. I guess I could try to
compile. The only thing that may come back to haunt me is that I don't
know if there is a "tool" I need to use to compile the source in BPCS.

I was hoping that I could figure out the issue, which I am certain is a
data issue (although the program should anticipate the possible data
issue) without running the program but I'll see if I can compile it and
get it to run in debug. No easy way out I guess.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Pete Helgren
Value Added Software, Inc

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