I can understand the problems caused by RCLACTGRP.... 
My program wich was originally OPM..(running in the *DFTACTGRP)  has been
converted in ILE... (running in QILE format) ... 
the reason for that was because before,  I had a mix of OPM and ILE programs
running together.. causing other problems... therefore I decided to
'convert' all OPM programs to run in ILE...

Now before..in the dftactgrp,... there were no problems... ..

This is the scenario in wich the programs run....

a) CL program starts with ACTGRP('QILE') 

b) This CL program runs the STRCMTCTL command with CMTSCOPE(*ACTGRP) 

c) The CL program calls several RPG programs that run in the same activation

d) in the RPG programs.. other programs are called multiple times.
   for performance reasons, these programs did NOT seton LR...

e) The CL program does a rclrsc and then calls ENDCMTCTL. 

In OPM, all this worked fine... the RCLRSC closed everything from the
'Non-LR' programs 

But now in ILE.. the ENDCMTCTL complains about files not being closed... 
One solution could be to,  before terminating the program,  calling those
programs with a 'terminating parameter' indicating to close the program with
*LR on....   but therefore I would have to redesign all my programs..and
unfortunately I lack the time elas do not have the time for that.....

Is there another 'flexible' way to close the files, before running the

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From: Barbara Morris [mailto:bmorris@xxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: dinsdag 14 september 2004 22:56
To: rpg400-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Problem with commitment control and actgrp QILE

CWilt@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Just an FYI in regards to RCLACTGRP *ELIGBLE
> I recall seeing a message from Barbara Morris of the IBM RPG compiler team
> stating basically that *ELIGBLE was never intended to be used in a
> production environment.  That it really was meant to be used during
> testing/development to easily reset the environment.

If I said that, I was wrong.  At least about the "easily reset the
environment" part.  To save half a minute signing off and back on, I've
used RCLACTGRP *ELIGIBLE and then spent a couple of hours debugging a
problem that turned out to be caused by the RCLACTGRP.  After the second
time I did that (I know, "fool me twice, shame on me"), I never use

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