• Subject: RE: Free RPG IV training?
  • From: "Shaw, David" <dshaw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 15:26:05 -0500

While we're on the topic of RPG IV training: My boss has been looking for RPG
training for some of the PC and Unisys programmers on the staff here.  One of
the truly strange things he's encountered is that he can't find a course from
ANYONE for learning RPG IV from the get-go.  Every RPG IV course he's found has
some level of RPG III as a prerequisite - there are no beginner-level RPG IV
courses.  Has he missed some, or is this another reason for the slowness of the
switchover in RPG shops?

Dave Shaw
Spartan Mills
Spartanburg, SC

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From: Carl Pitcher [mailto:cpitcher@roadrunner.nf.net]

As a follow up to Hans' comments: moving to RPG IV is a fairly major change
for most companies when you consider the learning  curve on the language
improvements plus the procedures, prototypes, ILE, etc., etc, etc..  Some of
this stuff has been around for years but there's a lot of old RPG still out
there!  Why?

I really believe that IBM marketing has missed a golden opportunity here by
not thinking outside the "magic box".  Just as Microsoft's providing free
Internet Explorer made it the dominant browser, imagine what would happen to
the AS/400 if IBM invested in it's users by providing free language training
on the AS/400 for the next year?

Boost the technical competency of most AS/400 shops for free and guess where
customers are going to re-invest those budget dollars - back into AS/400
sales.  And it might even encourage more youthful (i.e. under 40?)audiences
at COMMON and other AS/400 conferences :) . Comments?
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