Chuck Lewis wrote:
How was the conclusion that it would save that kind of money reached ?
Not picking nits here; interested so I can do the math for us.

Don't really know - the estimated savings was sent out in an email. If
I had to do the math, I'd look at the power label on the PSU. Then
figure out how many hours the things are on but not used. If they're
used 9 hours a work day, they're idle 15 hours a day. Times 5 days is
75 hours. 2 full weekend days is 48 hours, making 123 hours of idle
time a week. Times 50 weeks (vacation) 6150 idle hours a year.
Multiply that by your current cost per kWh and again by the number of
machines and you'll probably be close. There are other power savings to
be had as well, including turning printers, scanners and other attached
devices off when not in use. An idling laser printer might be using
more electricity that you like.

In fact, now that I think of it, the total savings could be from the
whole 'please think green' campaign although the offices are already
rigged with lights on a motion sensor so they go off on their own...

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