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>> Do you have trouble getting the rebates?  CompUSA owes me about three.

I hate rebates and increasingly am not buying stuff on rebate unless the
price is good anyway.  The exception is Staples.

Fry's electronics - only been paid for one in about 5 - I now only buy
instant rebate stuff from them.

Fry's has a horrible reputation with rebates.  I would purchase only if the
out-of-pocket cost was good enough to not care about getting any mail-in
rebate on top of that.

Make copies of everything that gets mailed in.  For larger rebates, say $50
or more, you might want to pay for certified mail.  One rebate I mailed fell
through when the processor said it was sent after the expiration date even
though I knew I mailed well before; since I didn't do certified mail, they
claimed there was "no proof" hence I was SOL.

I've just recently gotten back into the rebates game, so I'll be interested
in seeing how well the internet submissions (with no mail-in) work.

It's all a big game, and you have to wanna play if you wanna win.

- Dan

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