I think that since the Automatic Updates tries to download updates
unobtrusively, if your PC is being heavily used (esp. internet access)
and/or the Microsoft website it getting hit with lots of downloads, it
doesn't always download right away.  I have my setting so it tells me before
it downloads, and again before it updates ... There have been several times
that is says it's going to download, but then doesn't really (or only does a
partial download behind the scenes), because the next time I bring the PC
up, it asks to download again.

Carmen Nuland

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Not at all related to your issue, but I do manual downloads on most of the
pcs here.  The Windows 2000 (those are getting replaced in a couple of
weeks!) all had 9 updates, but the Windows XP Pro machines had either 10,
11, or 13, *not* the 12 I was expecting.  All were checked last week and
were all current.  All were checked again either yesterday or today after
the updates were installed and the reboot was done, and all are current.  I
have no idea why pcs I purchased 4 months ago, update on the same schedule,
and running the same software would have a different number of Windows
updates.  In case it makes a difference, all of these also use Cornerstone
from CenturionGuard, which prevents users (patrons) from making permanent
changes to the pcs.

One staff member does have her pc setup for automatic updates, and it didn't
update automatically.  Or maybe it was handled just like your situation was,
and when I checked yesterday, 11 updates were shown, and that is what I
downloaded and installed.

Mark Plank

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Jim Franz wrote:

Thru various web sources (zdnet, etc) MS issued "critical" fixes
Tuesday. Since Tue my desktop did it's automatic updates & prompted me
to reboot. I did. Later (same day)I went to Windows Update site to check my
and there was the whole list 8 security fixes, including the critical
If Automatic Updates is configured to "download and prompt for reboot", 
why would it not get what's out there? 

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