I'm not sure but I am guessing no to SP2. I went back at it last night with
the suggestions here and from ExpertsExchange and nothing works. Never seen
anything like this. It makes NO sense...


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Funny - I have just been dealing with this exact same problem on my
daughters Compaq.

In her case the trigger was loading the Sony MD software.  Something
somewhere in the registry (I suspect) got hosed and nothing I did would fix
it.  Symptoms were identical to yours - I could run anything from the
Ctl-Alt-Del screen - anything except explorer that is.

XP's 'restore previous' just died - no message no nothing.  Safe mode comes
up with the words in the corners and a black screen - and does nothing.

In the end I used the restore to factory option.

Even then I had problems with windows update causing it to go into an
infinite boot cycle - boot up - power down - boot up - ..... all by itself.

I'm not certain what I eventually did but at the moment it is working
although she has yet to reinstall all the kids games etc.

I hope you find an answer - it may work for me too!

By the way - is the machine on SP2? (mine isn't)


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