I'm not sure I would call it stupid, (those around me at the time would
disagree), I would classify it as too smart for anyone's good.

when i was in school gettin' my 'puter book-learnin' - it was late on the
last night before all of the required programs were due to be turned in,
and the lab was FULL of folks doing last minute testing.   I was working on
my 4th or 5th extra-credit cobol program on the school's S/34 - a check
writer - and i had hosed it up with every trick I knew of.  It was huge,
for no other reason than I wanted it to be huge.

Don't know why, but when I fired it up, it immediately locked up the system
(never seen that happen before or since).  They had to re-ipl to get it
back up again....  If looks could kill, i'd have been dead.

I just picked up my stuff (including the last compile listing of my
program) and left as quickly and quietly as I could.  I never tried to run
that program again, but I still have the printout.


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