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But, David, this is the midrange-nontech list.  I thought that (almost)
"anything goes" here?

BTW, I don't think anyone's really griping.  This is certainly a huge
improvement over majordomo.  You do some tweaking.  Somebody asks
whether you can strip  the "picked" stuff.  Anything to help make using
the list easier, I think, is worthy of discussion.  If it can't be done,
just say so.  If subscribers have lasted as long as they have suffering
the problems of majordomo, I don't think you'll have anyone asking you
to go back to it.

Thanks for all your efforts, David!

Dan Bale
IT - AS/400
Handleman Company
248-362-4400  Ext. 4952

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> > Hands up! Aren't you following your own rules then....
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> Did you get HTML mail?  No.
> Did I send HTML mail?  Who cares?  So long as you didn't get HTML
> mail.
> Folks:  I'm declaring this topic OFF-TOPIC.  If you want to gripe
> about the new mailing list software, contact me directly.  If you
> want to aplaud the new mailing list software, contact me directly.
> If you want to send me money, contact me directly (but make it
> in 10's & 20's, unmarked bills, non sequential srlnbr's, etc, you
> know the drill).
> david

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