To which I'll add that child-server jobs are often run as batch jobs ("prestart" appears to be another option, but I haven't the slightest idea how to do that with something that doesn't come from IBM), but in an interactive subsystem, from an interactive job queue (because batch job queues are traditionally set up to run jobs sequentially instead of concurrently).

And I'll also add that if several distinct batch jobs are DESIGNED to be run sequentially, rather than concurrently, and the default batch job queue is set up to run jobs concurrently, then you can end up with the "later" jobs getting the data before the "earlier" ones had finished with it (which can be bad). On the other hand, if the default batch queue is set up to run jobs sequentially (the traditional way), and a batch job locks up without anybody bothering to check on it, it can tie up the batch queue (which can also be bad).


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