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Side note FWiW: Retrieve System Value (RTVSYSVAL) for the Date\Time (*DATTIM) group of SysVals [see System Value (SYSVAL) parameter of the Work With System Values (WRKSYSVAL) command], has enabled for several releases, requesting the full System Date And Time in one request using the System Value QDATETIME. There are many [historical coded] uses of retrieved sub-components of both the Date-related and Time-related values that may be _inappropriate in certain applications_, such that a switch to use data from the retrieved QDATETIME value would eliminate an issue for which two distinct system-value retrievals could provide undesirable results in those applications. Assuming those two are the only time elements retrieved, and no date elements are referenced, then a switch in that application to use QTIME would suffice similarly, to ensure the seconds and minutes of the hour\time reflect one moment that does not span a minute [or hour if hours are included in retrieval of separate sub-components of a time value].

"System date and time. This is the date and time for the local system time as a single value. Retrieving or changing this value is similar to retrieving or changing QDATE and QTIME in a single operation. The format of the field is YYYYMMDDHHNNSSXXXXXX where YYYY is the year, MM is the month, DD is the day, HH is the hours, NN is the minutes, SS is the seconds, and XXXXXX is the microseconds. ..."

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