On 04-Aug-2014 13:43 -0500, CRPence wrote:
<<SNIP>> the List Database File Members (QUSLMBR) API; I was not a
big fan, and I would typically defer to DSPFD <<SNIP>>

I had to look at the API doc to recall why I would do that. That was first because the API was a /User Space/ API [I dislike that] and second because the amount of information I desired was typically just simpler obtained from the Display File Description (DSPFD) output; my purposes generally required a subset of member details that could be found there, and obtained up-front for all members rather than details only for some subset of members with specifics only upon future demand. I recall the list API, when requesting more elaborate member details would quickly fill the *USRSPC object, and that there was no continuation handle; the specific member details would generally need to come from another interface, debasing the general value of the list API.

But I see that the MBRL0100 format contains just member names, so if only the member names are desired [e.g. the file info can suffice until details from any specific member might be required], then that is probably the simplest\best and likely about as fast as anything else; specific details might be obtained separately from Retrieve Member Description (RTVMBRD) if CL or REXX, or via the Retrieve Member Description (QUSRMBRD) API.

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