It sounds like your work file is a "permanent" file (I.e. it resides in
a library other than QTEMP). If this is true, then your trigger program
seems a trifle perilous. What happens if another user does an update to
the PF and "fires" the trigger when your RPG is rebuilding the work file
from an earlier trigger "fire"?

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I had a case happen that the trigger would not run.

the trigger is on a physical file which has 2 logicals to it. I have a
that will be updated when one field in the PF changes.

When change made and trigger is invoked i run a CL program
which clears my work file and then rebuilds it via RPGLE program.

that is all the CL does, CLear and run the RPG.

But got an error CPF3137 NO Authority to clear, initialize etc.

Do I need now to change the authority on that Temp file I created? the
current is


i am also on their with *ALL.

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