This particular save is NOT a dedicated, but a normal full save.
I've used both methods in the past, QLNKOMT and/or CHGATR ATR(*ALWSAV) VALUE(*NO).

How does IBM expect to recover IFS directories if they are setting the save attribute to *NO.
I've had previous restores/recoveries fail exactly because of this issue, some parts of a LPP were NOT being restored, which resulted in the LPP being in an *ERROR state.


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When you are doing a full system save in dedicated mode, like the two I have going now while doing a Power 6 to Power 8 migration, I suggest using STRBKUBRM CTLGRP(...) SBMJOB(*NO) OMITS(*IGNORE) The key thing there being OMITS(*IGNORE).

You will find out that IBM went hog wild with 7.2 and flagged a plethora of directories with CHGATR ATR(*ALWSAV) VALUE(*NO)
/PSF400 was not one of them changed.

Rob Berendt

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