On 24-Jul-2014 10:36 -0500, DrFranken wrote:
Has anyone else noticed that now when you do a Google search and the
link you select points you to the IBM Knowledge Center that you can
no longer use the back button to return to your Google search?

I had not; probably because I always use the open-in-new-tab to leave my [typically google] search results page to remain available for more perusing; possibly clicking to open other links in their own tabs. And having just now tested, I do not see the described effect. I am using Fx 26.0 however.

Suspicious that maybe the effect could be limited only to redirects [from older InfoCenter links] I tried clicking on a URL from an archived midrange message, and indeed I see the noted effect for the loss of the back-button function. For reference, I clicked on:

My big complaints are that the KC overrides the built-in capabilities of the browser [at least from its _search-results_ pages]; notably, replacing the expected behavior of open-in-new-tab. If I use the browser hotkey feature to open a link in a new-tab [against a link presented in a KC search-results page], the KC overrides the expected behavior and instead just opens the link in the same tab. Extremely *annoying* to me! If instead I use the browser right-click on a link presented in the KC search-results, instead of the browser options that I expect to appear in the dialog box [i.e. open in new tab, window, or private window, etc.], I get some KC-specific capabilities presented [i.e. open in new tab, new tab (content only), save... ].

I had gotten quite comfortable with, accustomed to, the InfoCenter; perhaps my view of the IC was that I actually came to like it. Why they could not have just left InfoCenter there for the prior releases, I can not comprehend. Their attempts at redirection into the new KC are quite the gamble, and the KC search capabilities against the older releases were clearly never tested; often I can not find anything in the old releases, even with searches I knew worked in InfoCenter.

Yes you can RIGHT click the back button and select your search from
there to get back but this seems annoying to me that they try to
'trap' you in the KC.

Fx allows click-n-hold as well as right-click to present the list of past pages.

When I click on an InfoCenter link that redirects me into the KnowledgeCenter, I lost both the functionality of a back-button for clicking [becomes gray to indicate inactive] and the history behind the back-button [such that I can neither click-and-hold nor right-click the back-butoon, to produce the history of pages; history that should include my google search].

This seems like a recent thing. Behavior is the same in Chrome and

Very little I like about the KnowledgeCenter. My first attempt to discuss my disgust with the how that replacement for InfoCenter [did not really] work, was on the NonTech list; figuring the topic was not valid for the technical list. But for some reason I am unable\no-longer to post to that list. So I have used this topic to reply and commiserate.

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