DSPLOG PERIOD((*AVAIL 072114)) MSGID(CPF3771) with the date of your save.
This will return any library that has outqs, majority will probably be QUSRSYS.
Any spool file in used will not be saved, you will see those by message CPD33A8 in the joblog of your save.

3140 objects saved from QUSRSYS. 0 not saved.
2239 objects saved from CURBSTONE. 0 not saved
10 objects saved from ICGTWYP1D. 0 not saved.
3140 objects saved from QUSRSYS. 0 not saved.
2239 objects saved from CURBSTONE. 0 not saved
10 objects saved from ICGTWYP1D. 0 not saved.

Then F1 in each message for details.
I save all spoolfiles every night, about 250,000..

Message ID . . . . . . : CPF3771
Date sent . . . . . . : 07/21/14 Time sent . . . . . . : 22:11:37

Message . . . . : 3140 objects saved from QUSRSYS. 0 not saved.

Cause . . . . . :
-- 3140 objects were saved.
-- 207911 spooled files were saved.
-- 0 objects were not saved.
-- 13 spooled files were not saved.
Data was saved from library QUSRSYS on volumes 001009 sequence number
16206 at 07/21/14 22:02:01. The save operation ended on volume 001009. If
UPDHST(*YES) was specified, the save/restore history information was updated
for each saved object.


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Subject: BRMS Saving of Spooled Files Question


We implemented BRMS 3 months ago and it has been great !! (wish we would have done it sooner).

We are doing a complete data centre move next month (oh yay) and normally I do not include saving of any spooled files. I want to include saving them all in the Full backup just prior to the move (just in case).

I did a Full monthly unattended system backup this Sunday as I wanted to test this prior. I changed my control group attribute "Save spooled file data" from *none to *ALL. Is this all I had to do or am I missing something ?

How do I tell if my spooled files got backed up ? I did a wrksplfbrm,
but there is nothing showing. Doing wrkmedibrm on the full backup media, but I don't save object level detail so no help there.

Our OS is V7.1 Cume TL13298 and group SF99362 at level 28

Thanks !

Laura Roberts

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