Thanks Sue, I've perused those redbooks before, but I guess now it is sounding much more likely that we will switch to VIOS for this upcoming box so a more thorough read is in order. I think I made the assumption that since VIOS with internal disk (ugh!) only being able to support mirroring, that also applied to non-NPIV too, completely unencumbered by facts.


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No, you do it this way:

Hitachi LUNS = 0 1 2 3 4

Dual VIOS redundantly connected to HITACHI sees LUNS 0 1 2 3 4
(important that the hdisks be configured as the manual says for Dual
Vios, otherwise failover and load balancing fail due to LUN lock).

Dual VIOS present the same disks to each partition via vSCSI adapters.

IBM i sees both adapters and sees the 2 paths to each disk.

That's how i have it set up on a client, and that was how i read the
manual, but let's wait for Sue or the Dr to be sure.
Also, i'm not sure why they say IBM i 7.1, last i read it was IBM i
6.1.1 or later.

Yes, this is the way it is done. Each VIOS server sees the same set of LUNs using reserve_policy=no_reserve so neither places a lock on the LUN.

Why Hitachi is saying 7.1 as the earliest release they support, I haven't any ideas except perhaps it was simply the level they chose to test with.

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