On 7/15/2014 11:59 AM, Jeff Young wrote:
Another question:
I need to be able to test for exceptions in the FTP transmission.
I had thought that all messages issues had a 3 character message identifier
preceding the message text, but when testing with an invalid file name, I
just get "No such path or directory: /faceyflr/stv/inbox/14072014 Creation
Report.txs" with no message id.
Is there any consistent method to test for exceptions?

I know that I could use Scott Klement's FTPAPI, but the customer insists
that we use the normal system FTP function

Given the vast number of combinations of FTP clients and servers, I
think it's not easy to define 'normal'.

I am a programmer, so I see solutions as opportunities to write
programs. APIs are the cornerstone of what I do. Using an API like the
Klement FTPAPI to write my own FTP client seems very normal to me.

Not everyone on this list is a programmer; those persons will
necessarily need a different solution set. I'm not sure a CL program
that scrapes the FTP error log is a good fit for a non-programming scripter.


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