I got a private reply overnight that asked why I would want to do this.

A new 7.1 cume PTF became available in June, which I have not yet
downloaded. Like some others on this list, I like to permanently apply
PTFs before ordering and installing a new cume PTF. This time, however, I
figuratively got caught with my pants down.

I have some PTFs set to be temporarily applied next IPL and others that
have been downloaded in Save File Only status. I don't want any of these
to end up permanently applied before the cume, just those PTFs that are
/already/ temporarily applied.

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 4:44 PM, Jeff Crosby <jlcrosby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Is there a way to accomplish (with APYPTF or INSPTF or some other command)
the following:

- apply all PTFs with a Temporarily Applied status to Permanently Applied

without affecting any PTFS that are

- set to apply at the next IPL
- not set to apply at all

other than specifying them individually?


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