I agree that, in many cases, people use SQL where a RPGLE based solution
would be more efficient or practical.

On the other hand, I would argue that this depends on the user (in this
case a developer) needs. I do not know if he wants to use this in a
JDBC/ODBC environment, to be called from another system. Or maybe he needs
it as an input for another SQL statement.

What I am trying to express is that, as I see it, we as developers have
multiple tools available, be either SQL, “pure” RPGLE or even a SQL
procedure (or UDF/UDTF) that calls an RPGLE program. It always depends, I
think, on the user/business needs.

Also, nowadays we have multiple interfaces that access our data (Excel,
browsers, other SQL engines, etc) and need SQL-based solutions. As I see
it, the trend is to have more and more of the business logic “embedded” in
the database and, for this, you need to go the SQL way (even for some
“trivial” things).

My 0.02 cents :-)

Best Regards,


Luis Rodriguez
IBM Certified Systems Expert — eServer i5 iSeries

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