Something must have changed. I have seen weirdness happen with both JDBC and ODBC when a system is upgraded or the SQL Package files get corrupted. It wouldn't hurt to stop the application so that the package files are no longer locked and either rename the SQL page files or back them up and delete them. I have seen them in both QGPL and in the file or other libraries in the library list of the ODBC connection (it's driver dependent) so I'd search for objects of *SQLPKG type and delete them (back them up or rename). It won't hurt because the packages are automatically rebuilt and if they happen to be corrupted, you may fix the problem...

Pete Helgren
GIAC Secure Software Programmer-Java

On 6/15/2014 12:48 AM, Chella R wrote:
Hi All,

I have an application invoking stored proc in the AS400 system. I know that the stored procedure execution is through the ODBC connection from the Appln to AS400. But for past couple of days, when the stored procedure is invoked, no response is being received at the application. All these stored procedures were working well until this issue. We have checked the I-Series drivers on the application, network connectivity at both ends.

What could be the issue? And after an ODBC connection is made, how does the stored procedure invocation gets processed?

Thanks/Best Regards
Chella Govindarajan R,

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