When you granted authority to the parent directories, that does not filter down
to the already existing files.

When you say you changed automatic backup to run " by QSYSOPR", what exactly
did you change?
It's been a few years since I setup a BRMS shop, and perhaps
others can chime in, but I don't remember ever trying to using QSYSOPR to run jobs.

If the /tmp file still exists, what is it's authority?
The cmd - wrkaut '/tmp/brms/q1asav540051' will display - need to know
both object authorities and data authorities (F11 toggles)

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I am trying to remove the user who originally set up this iSeries - he's
been gone for years. I have changed the automatic backup to be run by
QSYSOPR -and no matter what - continue to receive this message. 'Not
authorized to object. Object is /tmp/brms/q1asav540051'. Of course the
number changes each day. I have granted authority to QSYSOPR for /tmp
/tmp/brms. Finally I gave QSYSOPR *ALLOBJ authority in the profile - and
still got this message last night. Any/All ideas would be greatly


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