Thanks Chuck,
I was trying to put the ENCrypt_AES on the left side of the equation.

On 6/10/2014 11:52 AM, CRPence wrote:
On 10-Jun-2014 09:23 -0500, Gqcy wrote:
I have a simple table, with an encrypted password column:

insert into HIDDNPWDS values
( 'xxxsite'
, 'xxxuserid'
, ENCRYPT_AES('password_value','encryptionpassword')
, 'chgd-date'
, 'comment')

I can only drop the row and insert again....

Only ¿know how to? DELETE the row and then INSERT that row again.? That
is, there is not an error with an UPDATE preventing the request, but
instead an error with the syntax in an attempt to code the UPDATE, and
thus the following inquiry asking how to use UPDATE instead of combining

How do I structure the UPDATE SET to get the password column to

For example [untested, but AFaIK should function as written]:

create table qtemp/HIDDNPWDS
( Site char(7), UsrId char(10)
, PwdHash char(50) for bit data
, ChgDate date, Comment char(50)
insert into qtemp/HIDDNPWDS values
-- assuming the site + user-id act as an effective primary key:
update qtemp/HIDDNPWDS set
PwdHash = ENCRYPT_AES('new_pwd_value','encryptionpassword')
, ChgDate = current date
where Site = 'xxxsite'
and UsrId = 'xxxuserid'

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