On 6/2/2014 12:22 PM, CRPence wrote:
On 01-Jun-2014 22:46 -0500, Vernon Hamberg wrote:
And I still wish this poster would reveal his true identity!!

No reason really, IMO, to know a name\identity; any pseudonym suffices for me, because while I know [or so my NewsReader tells me] that "Vern Hamberg wrote:", I do not know for example, that is your "true identity". Besides, I detest personally addressed responses in a public forum, thus I would have no reason to know any identity [other than an attribution; mostly to locate any trimmed quoted text]. IMO all responses should be directed as a reply to the question, not as a reply to the questioner, in the spirit of a public discussion. The attribution of the quoted reply is sufficient identifiable information, and the additional personalization of addressing the individual associated with that /persona/ makes the discussion appear to be a private between two individuals where everyone else has become in a sense, uninvited.

But if someone insists on addressing the author with a name other than HotelTravelFun or HotelTravelFunDotCom, they could try using one of the many various signatures used for posts using that email moniker in the past; among them: (Phil, JN, Charles, Phil Kestenbaum, JT). No matter which, given they apparently have not finalized on a moniker to use, other than the email and subscription identities.

The main reason I at least like some idea of a name is that these lists have become other than anonymous for me - there is more of a social aspect, and names are part of that. In the last almost 20 years on here, I've made what I consider good friends.

Also, it is not clear whether someone wants to conceal something - I am perhaps too suspicious at times - hoping less so as I mature!


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