On Fri, 2014-05-30 at 18:25 -0500, Jerry C. Adams wrote:
Came across an issue with Client Access 7.1 today. I had installed just the
5250 portion at one of our retail stores last week. Today they needed the
Data Transfer services (and, yes, we do have a license). Oh, and the PC is
running Win7.

When I went to "Modify" the install by selecting the Data Transfer feature,
it told me (after a minute give-or-take) to insert Disk 1. It was a bloody
DVD! Selecting 'Okay' had no effect, except to redisplay the message.

If its anything like the "issue" with wdsc its caused by the IBM
installation manager remembering where the original install was
performed from, and wanting it to be from the exact same place. Its idea
of "disk1" actually means original installation media/disk/share/etc.
(which is not limited to a disk, but any location containing a file
denoting the disk number 1) location for "disk 1."

I've not had to do "a modify" but during the install of wdsc (v6, as I'm
playing and can't get a higher one) I had all my install disks under a
shared Z drive (z/disk1 z/disk2...) and there was the option to change
folder during the install, not sure if "modify" has the same ability...
but I'm guessing the original location is stored in a file within the
installation manager folder, or heaven forbid a registry key.

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