On 28-May-2014 15:47 -0500, John McKee wrote:

I am from the old world. Remember 9 track tape?

I would be hesitant to load a 9 track tape and leave it loaded for 24
hours as I think the vacuum motor would give up.

So, what may be a stupid question: Is there any issue with leaving a
3590 with tape loaded and in Ready state? There is no likelihood
that another user would access the drive.

Appreciate insights. May have to do unattended backup and just have
lingering concerns.

In the lab I had used a variety of tapes\cartridges\drives whereby many times the tape [cartridge] remained in a ready or /active/ [but in an effectively held; e.g. per debug] state in the device\library over a period of days. That was about the only way to test some complex save and restore or install problems; many of the largest and most complex scenarios, and thus likely to sit much longer, had used 3570 or 3590. Never any problems *except* someone else using the drive; never any physical tape issues nor device issues.

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