I'm still at 0.
Scary change.
On my things to do list.
I know something is going to break when I change this.
I can test some things on my new guest LPAR, but not all.


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You know, I found that link by reading the 5250 help at WRKSYSVAL QPWDLVL.
See the System i Security Reference, SC41-5302
publication for additional considerations prior to
changing the password level to 3. Moving from QPWDLVL 3
back to 0 is not allowed.
Then I googled that, System i Security Reference Then I weeded that down to 7.1.
Took some research...

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Subject: Understanding QPWDLVL? . . . and my previous Tomcat query
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We're contemplating upgrading one of our products to accommodate QPWDLVL
2-3. As I recall, I did some experimentation on that very thing, some
years ago, and may have even worked out the basics of a way to do it,
but I haven't yet done anything practical with it.

Something I don't get about the QPWDLVL values, as explained (and I use
that word advisedly) by IBM.

"QPWDLVL 2 [and 3] cannot be used if your system communicates with other
System i platforms . . . with either a QPWDLVL value of 0 or 1 or an
operating system release less than V5R1M0"

Communicates in what way?

Our intersystem communication is limited to Telnet and FTP, and nothing
we do involves the arcane sorcery known as (if I remember right)
"password substitution"; why would Telnet or FTP care what the password
level is on the system they're communicating with?


Tuesday, I brought up an issue with running Tomcat in a subsystem: it
seems that one customer tried it, and the performance degraded
significantly. I asked for insights; so far, nobody has offered any, and
I have none of my own. Given that Tomcat is implemented in Java, I just
reposted to the Java List.


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