Thanks, Jim.

Index activity is an ongoing seems like we are forever creating new indexes (and it appears we are recreating these on a continual basis for the same index).

With that said has anyone taken the IBM course "IBM DB2 for i SQL Performance Monitoring, Analysis and Tuning" and found any value from it?



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I don't know if a processor group will work in this case because ordinarily the license program is set to run in a processor group. Having not tried to push the QZDASOINIT and/or QSQSRVR jobs into one, I don't know if it can be done (Domino and WAS can be pushed into one).

Look into processor groups, only because you have more than one processor.

Also in your performance investigations remember to look at index activity.
Unless this box is just stressed with workload, I usually find quite a bit of temporary index activity in situations like the one you describe. You should also see quite a bit of I/O activity on the disk units if indexing is going on too.

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Now there's an oxymoron: "new 400".

I don't believe there is a way to dedicate out processors like you can memory. With memory, you can bust it up into subsystems and whatnot. This has been around since, well, back on 400's.
About the only way to dedicate processors is to create separate partitions.

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In the next month or so our new 400 will be delivered to us. The new box will have two cores because right now our single core machine is being crushed by the QZDASOINIT jobs (they occupy anywhere from 75% - 90% of the CPU utilization at any given time).

Yes, we are investigating the reasons why these jobs are occupying so much, but I wanted to know if there's a way I can dedicate a core to a specific job or subsystem? I would like to move the web jobs off to their own core so the other core can focus on taking care of the other tasks.

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.



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