It's not so much as an either or, it's a 'together'. Client Solutions supports 5250 and data transfer as well as LAN Console. It contains a link to IBM Navigator for i not another installed client.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

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What would be pros/cons of using new IBM I Access Client Solutions vs IBM Navigator for I?


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Responding to some of the Web Navigator discussion.

Slow response times - Unless you are running on a Power 5 machine with very little process or memory, the performance issues are most likely being cause by a network configuration issue on your system. Right now, the Navigator GUI is sensitive to IPV6 configuration issues, if a DNS server is not set correctly, Navigator will experience time out issues waiting on the DNS. There are no error messages, just a slow responding interface. Best way to see if that is what is going on run the following command. Go into 'QSH' Enter - /QIBM/ProdData/OS/OSGi/templates/bin/ -network This will run the network verifier for the Application Runtime Expert.
Review the out put, if there is a network configuration concern, it will be signified. How you can contact your network folks to get this corrected.

There was a comment about SSL, The Navigator runs under SSL, always has, always will. Sure you only need to enter your Host name and port 2001, but at that point you are then redirected to HTTPs and Port 2005, before you enter anything, you are running encrypted.

Browsers - Currently FF and IE are your best choices. But starting in June (just a couple of weeks away) we will be delivering a new DG1 PTF Group which will have support for Chrome and based on my testing, that works far better then the other too mentioned browsers.

Missing function between Web and Installed Client, the IBM I 7.2 version includes a number of these items. We have added PTF support, Load, install, Send to another system. Compare ptfs on one system to another. We have also added Monitoring support for Messages and Many System performance metrics. Yes, the Run SQL is still missing and it being worked on.

The Web Navigator when it was delivered originally in IBM i 6.1 did have a great deal of function, but for a variety of reasons, the usability and performance was lacking. In Jan of 2013, we made our first step on the path of making the web interface a usable interface. With the recent improvements in IBM i 7.2 we have made another huge step along this path.
There are significant long term problems with continuing on the Client path, the biggest being the concern that it will no longer work on the next release of Windows. In addition there are many users leveraging other environments including Linus, Apple, and Mobile devices as we look to the future. This is why we have have focused on the Web. We do want to hear there are key things from the client that we need to put in the web Navigator, 1 good example that I have sent on to the team is the ability to send objects from 1 system to another.
We deliver updates to the Web Navigator twice a year, with each iteration we are progressing along the path to making Navigator the solution of choice.

Thanks Tim

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