On 5/15/2014 12:04 PM, Jim Essinger wrote:
My Environment: Power 7 hardware - 720, running 7.1 TR7 - Running the web
browser version in FireFox/Mozilla

Pretty much the same IBM i environment.
My PC is 2 years old, Win 7 32 bit, 4GB RAM, Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz.

I have tried several times to use the browser based version, and I am
seeing VERY long response times.

Not seeing that here.

For example in the work management section: Browser - I click on the active
jobs. This opens a tab for active jobs. It spins and the elapsed time
shows 15 minutes, but has yet to give me a display of active jobs.

About 5 seconds.

Try the same thing in MS Internet Explorer:

I finally get some response, so something is broken with FF. I don't know
about Chrome, but last time I tried to use it I got the same thing as FF.

Firefox 29.0.1 I *think* it's the latest?

I am not yet sold on the browser as a management tool for i.

I've been feeling the same way, but the smoke signals are clear: IBM is
done with the native PC clients and going forward with browser based
clients. It's pretty cool that they're taking their own advice but
we're in that awkward phase when the browser tooling is still growing by
leaps and bounds. I'm hoping it gets past the teen phase soon :-)

One thing that's in System i Navigator that I dearly miss in Navigator
for i is the ability to run SQL scripts. I know there's a similar
function in i Access for Web, but... With the thick client, my
colleagues and I have established an informal policy of putting SQL
scripts on the IFS. If we do an ad hoc query, it goes in a directory
tree out there, and any one of us can see and execute those queries
should the request be made again. (Hint: they're almost always
requested again. Tweaked a bit, please.) Since we already did that, we
also have DDL for our new tables in the IFS as well, along with CREATE
VIEW and CREATE INDEX statements. Very handy when we're trying to
establish an empty test environment. So for us, the SQL Scripts
functionality gives us two important things:
1) Access via Windows Explorer
2) Shared access among all developers

The web version doesn't allow for either. Obviously, it'll never have
Windows Explorer integration (which is about the one thing that still
annoys me in every browser based app), but it'd be very nice if we could
specify where to save and load our SQL instead of the 'per user' feature
that currently exists in 7.1 TR7. I'll have to see if we can save/load
SQL scripts in 7.2.

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