On 5/8/2014 11:55 AM, Needles,Stephen J wrote:

Here are things that I learned doing the "less than elegant" SQL I wrote.

Thank you for sharing your research. I for one found it interesting.

After coding with RPG for > 30 years, doing it with RPG would have been too easy. Even so, a production version of this tool would likely be a hybrid of RPG and SQL. Now that I learned a bunch of new techniques (you only see where I finally stopped, not the path of dead ends that got me there)...I'll likely just put the experience on the shelf...waiting for an appropriate requirement for one of the many things that I learned doing this task this way.

What things I've learnt about this platform have been learnt exactly in
the manner you describe. It's scatter shot at best. No syllabus, learn
as the opportunity presents itself. I myself am completely convinced
that I could teach 80% of what I know in a month because I'm quite
certain that a directed education would be far more efficient than the
slow absorption I experienced. What I know about communications is a
result of me being the free one when the comms problem arose. And so on.

I’d do it again in exactly this way...for the challenge! The only difference will be that I will not share it here...it isn't worth it.

Oh, please reconsider! I think these lists are the perfect place to
post code, and to discuss that code.

Very respectfully,

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