Of course, you have to keep using a sliding scale on that huddle format,
limited to 100 years. Otherwise you'll get more than one join on any
MMDDYY join.

So, if you desire to use this huddle format to convert dates ranging from
birthdates of your most senior employees, all the way up to the end of
depreciation of a new building you just built you may find it unusable.

Nope, not for me.

Granted, if you're still using any MMDDYY dates then you <expletive
Joining on an 8 digit to convert to a mmddyy, just for display purposes,
may be ok, even if you go over the 100 year scale. It's joining on the 6
digits you'll shoot yourself in the foot.

Rob Berendt


the UDF you've recommended, has the same problem (or both don't have any).
Just try to join a table with an alpha date to another table with a numeric date, try your function and my recommendation and you will see dramatic performance diffrences.
BTW: my recommendation is coming from an installation with hundreds of millions of records for single tables...

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