On 06-May-2014 07:55 -0500, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
I was considering the restore directly into Lib B, however, I need
review object create dates ensure none are older.
Yes, Lib A is just a holding area, it actually is restored from a

FWiW: In some similar tooling I once had written to sanity-check restoring of a utility library [source and compiled objects] being developed across a few systems, the SAVLIB request was preceded by a request to exclusively lock [allow read] the library and then a request to DSPOBJD The_Lib/*ALL *ALL *FULL OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) OUTFILE(The_Lib/reserved_name) [and similarly DSPFD requests for member and record format information] so the details of the objects being saved would be available wherever the save file was delivered unto which a RSTLIB might occur to refresh the objects in the same library name on that target system; i.e. a RSTOBJ of the file(s) of the reserved-names could be restored first [my tooling restored those object-detail lists into QTEMP] so object control-level and the various other details could be compared to decide what\how the restore would transpire [after optional delete, move, and rename activity against the same-named objects in the target library before restore, and optional CPYF FMTOPT(*MAP *DROP) activity to retain system-specific information because the utility-library did not utilize a separate user-data library].

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