Keep in mind that IBM does not always have the ability to offer an upgrade
with a same serial number option. Reason: Internal Revenue Service rules.
If the new asset is sufficiently more powerful than the old asset, IRS
requires a new serial number so they can get their skin out of it in the new
depreciation schedule. I think that is the situation with the current batch
of P8 boxes.

Even when the serial number changes, IBM will transfer your software to the
new box and since that's the biggest dollar value of the deal (usually) it's
not nearly as bad as it used to be.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

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1) Is IBM doing away with MES upgrades?
No MES upgrade path from Power7 to Power8 Over the years, IBM always gave
you an upgrade option, up to a point.
If you upgraded within that timeframe, you saved $$$$, if not, the new
machine would be quite a bit more, you lost all value from old machine.
This is what kept you current.
We had our same serial# for over 10 years from our original 510 (mid 90's)
Also, on MES, all entitlements would transfer.
On a new machine, the base entitlement had to stay with the old machine, so
you had to repurchase an additional entitlement to remain at the same level.

9406 AS/400 RISC Series Processor was our original 510. (mid 90's)
9406 System Unit MES # 19262 from 510 to 640 upgrade. (2nd quarter 98)
9406 System Unit MES # N26616 from 640 to 830 upgrade. (2nd quarter 2001)
9606 System Unit MES # 129707-6 from 830 to 550 upgrade (3rd quarter 2005)
8205 new purchase - (1st quarter 2012)
S814 new purchase - TBD

2) Also related to number of cores.
We currently have an 8-core 8205, but only 3 cores licensed for i5/os.
The remaining 5 active cores are useless.
We needed to purchase them to get the 8205 features we needed.

I see the same issue, but only worse with Power8, number of cores has
Also, not sure if many know this, but if you have more than 1 full processor
allocated to an LPAR, and your running RPG or RPGIV, that 2nd processor will
probably never be used.
RPG and RPGIV is all single threaded, most work will always only use the 1st
Way back on Power5, our BP sold us additional processors with the perception
that more work will get done quicker, not the case.

Thank You
Paul Steinmetz
IBM i Systems Administrator

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