Tried to look at the 7.2 Memo to Users online at the new Knowledge Center.

Tried to look at Discontinued support for certain software and hardware.
Alas, what a wasteland.
Points you to a site that once was mighty in it's day. The planning
website. This is where IBM used to tell you upcoming things like
- The next release of the OS will only support Domino x.x.x and above
- The current release of the OS (x.y) will be the last version to support
the following hardware equipment: ...
Now, they no longer do that. I've begged and pleaded with them. Emailed
numerous people. Submitted web feed back. Went to Rochester and talked
to them in person. The only good it did was they finally dropped all the
ancient history from the future area. Which instead of 'future' was
turned into a storage dump for announcements.
Heck, they don't even have 7.2 stuff in there.

You can try downloading the PDF version of the Memo to Users. Fat lot of
good it will do you. It points to the same worthless link.

Rob Berendt

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