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On Fri, 25 Apr 2014 16:25:18 -0400, John Yeung
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Perhaps my memory is foggy (this situation hasn't come up for me in
quite a while), but in order for logicals not to need "refreshing"
(for us that always meant recompiling, but perhaps you can get away
with just CHGLF?) the LF has to be defined with LVLCHK(*NO), doesn't

No, it doesn't.

If the logical has an explicit list of fields, and those fields are
not changing, the record format of the logical file will not change.
So even with LVLCHK(*YES), there won't be a level check.

You're the second person to tell me this, and I have already said that
it doesn't work on my system. Could someone point me to the
documentation which explains how this is done? I have a logical file,
defined with an explicit list of fields, and while that LF exists, I
cannot delete the physical file it refers to.

Is it perhaps possible to use ALTER TABLE in SQL to add/remove/change
physical file fields "in place" without disturbing the LF?


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